Mini-Conference Pretoria 2019

Thank you to all who attended the mini-conference in Pretoria this past Saturday. We had an amazing turnout and were so encouraged to see the commitment of all the sponsors to being involved and willing to learn through this journey of recovery. It truly makes a big difference to the eventual success of long-term recovery.

We were so blessed to have three hours of time to really discuss the many different facets of the program and how treatment works. It is not an opportunity that we get too often and we trust that those who attended left with a much deeper and broader understanding of all different activities and therapeutic work that gets done and of course an understanding of the hard work that the residents in our care do in order to complete their program.

We would like to encourage you all to continue in this fashion by joining the support groups and gaining more knowledge and more understanding and of course much needed support as you yourselves heal from the impact addiction has had on your lives.

We will hopefully see you all in October for our weekend conference.