Therapeutic Activities

There are numerous activities arranged while at Jahara Treatment Centre that support the recovery and rehabilitation process and help to maximize the impact that recovery has on the residents. It is important that the journey of recovery begins with memorable experience and that the life of recovery becomes more rewarding than the life of addiction. 

In line with latest research and developments in recovery practices Jahara is at the forefront of embracing community involvement into the lives of the residents helping them to redefine their own citizenship and to feel apart of, and accepted into, society again.   All activities are designed to help build new identities and to develop lost social skills.


Africa at its best

Experience the roar of the Maholoholo Lions and the laughing Hyenas every night while staying at Jahara Treatment Centre.

Keep an eye out for the Big Five while in the Kruger National Park.

Experience a once in a life time chance of walking with Lions followed by up-close encounters with Giraffe and other plains game in our guided bush walks and game drives followed by an African bush braai.


Community events and social activities form a major part of therapy at Jahara helping to remove the stigma of addiction and allowing the residents to feel apart of society again. From assisting with Rotary to attending the pensioners monthly breakfast wherever Jahara Residents can get involved and be of assistance we are there. 

Hiking and therapeutic walks

We have a vast amount of hiking trails and walks that we go out and explore while conducting groups and teachings along the way. It not only is great for therapy but is an extremely good form of excercise. We have the worlds second largest canyon, the Blyde Canyon, on our door step, we have the 5 tier waterfalls at Swadini just down the road and we have our own hiking trail up the Mariepskop mountain where we usually spend a night or two camping. 

Hiking and therapeutic walks are a great dynamic to treatment at Jahara creating memorable experiences and allowing residents to find their true potential.  


As an additional bonus to treatment male residents are allowed to go and assist with the setting up and taking down of the Hot Air Balloons. This is an amazing experience and allows residents the opportunity to earn a little bit of an income for their tuck-shop accounts while at the same time teaches them to be responsible and to work in a team. 

Early morning wake up to set up in time for sunrise.

Early morning wake up to set up in time for sunrise.

The gathering place church

The Gathering Place church has been of great support to Jahara Treatment Centre and our residents. Residents have been welcomed into the church with open arms, have been invited to attend the home cells and have participated in numerous church activities. The church hosts some of our residents weekly at their homes for dinner and bible study and do courses at the centre on a regular basis including Baptisms. 

cooking and eating

At Jahara Treatment Centre we pride ourselves on our menu and fresh produce. We teach residents how to cook and how to eat healthy while encouraging healthy meal times and good fellowship around our beautiful dining table and in our outdoor tea garden. We often host our own version of Master Chef where each resident gets a budget and composes their own dishes. We also cater for Vegans and Vegetarians. Have a look below at some of our regular dishes and some of our master chef winners.