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Outreach - Mozambique

As part of our deep desire to serve and give back and teach residents to serve and give back we feel that it is certainly a great opportunity for us to go and assist in Beira. Not only was this area badly affected by the recent Cyclone we have a resident who lives in Beira and would love to show him, his family and his community our support.

This outreach is therefor very close to our hearts and we are hoping to make just a small bit of difference. We do need your help in collecting as many donations as possible. Clean out your house and give us all of your old unwanted items - anything and everything is needed.

We are hopeful to be going in a convoy of approximately 10 4x4 vehicles with large trailer to transport the 40 individual going as well as the large amount of donations. You guys are welcome to join us on the adventure of a life-time - in fact the more hands we have the bigger the impact.

Please spread the word through your communities to gather as much as possible. If as business you would like to contribute that would be amazing too. Our outreach team will be calling and arranging everything. We will be happy to receive donations at our upcoming mini-conference on the 25th May.

Outreach dates have preliminarily been set for the 13th-20th July. We would like to travel through Mozambique on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July and spend Monday to Thursday serving in Beira. We will travel back on the Friday and the Saturday so that we have Sunday to prepare for the week ahead. Please put in leave and make an effort to come and help us to be of service.

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H.E.A.L. Support Groups

We are so looking forward to being able to attend H.E.A.L. in Alberton today and H.E.A.L. Honeydew tomorrow evening. We just can’t wait to be apart of this wonderful format and to be able to share in our experience of recovery and to hopefully inspire and motivate all of those brave individuals walking this recovery journey.

Please feel free to come past and say hi. Also please if you do have any form of donation (Clothes, food etc) that we can have for our Mozambique outreach scheduled for 13 July please bring it with so we can collect it.

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6:30 PM18:30

Community Marriage Night

As a way of showing our appreciation to the community members that support us and play a vital role in the recovery process of the residents, the residents have decided to host a "date night" for those married couples to come and just enjoy the tranquil setting of our tea garden under the bright African night sky. 

Residents will prepare and serve a three course meal and provide live music by one of our very own talented musician. This evening is to show our appreciation and to allow those couples that work so hard to serve the community to spend some quality time together while being served themselves. 

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