Specialised Program Weeks

We have just completed our newly designed Ego-States group week. What an inspiring 10 days of some really interesting groups sessions. The residents astounded us with their insight and their participation showing a great deal of recovery and therapeutic progress.

Some lucky few got to sit in the “hot seat” while the inner group attempted to invoke specific Ego-states in that individual - an Ego State identified by the group that the individual needed to access. Some of the groups went on for three or four hours and all were successful. The outer group monitored and assessed and provided phenomenal feedback.

The array of emotions that were accessed in all of us was astounding leaving us all feeling pretty emotionally drained by the end of it. This is a specialised week that is here to stay alongside our shame week, culture week, emotional intelligence week and soon to be developed family impact week.

As much as we play hard at Jahara we work harder and the therapeutic process that we all go through is immense.