Treatment at Jahara

We offer a long term, in-patient, rehabilitation program for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse and associated disorder. We have specially designed programs to assist in the changing of residents behaviors, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs which ultimately result in a newly defined identity. 

We focus on uprooting all of the flawed beliefs that have been developed and ingrained throughout the years of addiction and provide ample opportunities and therapeutic interventions to redevelop new beliefs. Residents get opportunities to face their social anxieties, to challenge their low self-esteem and to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

We believe that drug and alcohol abuse is merely a symptom of a much bigger problem and that in order to find life-long, meaningful, recovery a more holistic and comprehensive approach to treatment is required. We have developed numerous programs to assist in treating the whole person and any and all of the associated problems and traumas associated to a life of addiction. 

I was in a state of denial and self-destructive behaviour. Through the guidance of Mark and Laura my life was managed and I was able to regain my rightful place in society.
— Thomas - 5 Years clean and sobre

What makes us different

Despite the fact that we have redeveloped all of the 12 step workbooks taking into account multiple approaches to this world famous program we also cleverly incorporate our wonderful surroundings to assist in making the different processes of recovery memorable and practical.

We incorporate hikes to cement the principles of step 3, surrender, and for step 6&7. We do weekly therapeutic groups along the Blyde river or up through the multiple Swadini waterfalls allowing the beauty of the surroundings to assist in bring the hurt and healing into focus allowing the residents to experience the beauty of life without mind and mood altering substances. 

With trips into the Kruger National Park, walks with Lions and guided bush walks and game drives we are able to incorporate Africa's best into the enjoyment of life using this to further enhance therapy. Active addiction steals the very joy of life and recovery at Jahara aims to bring that back. 

One of the most beneficial and unique aspects of treatment at Jahara is the involvement of the residents within the local community. From assisting with the hot air ballooning, to getting involved in the community projects like the Kruger to Canyon Bike race to just normal social events all of which assist in developing lost social skills and in breaking the stigma of addiction. 

Mark was one of my counselors when I was struggling through addiction. He was the guy that stood by me and made me into the guy that I am today. Any rehab center with Mark and Laura at the helm you know you will get the help needed.
— Chris - 5 years clean