Community Based Treatment

There is something magical about community based in-patient treatment. The fellowship and acceptance found within a therapeutic recovery community inspires and encourages personal growth as one is able to truly seek acceptance of self when not desperately trying to find acceptance in others.

There certainly is a danger though if the recovery community is not effectively managed in terms of the over riding culture of that group. Maintaining a strong level of recovery culture amongst the community is key especially in ensuring that the individuals in the community are accepted based on their desire to find recovery and not on old addiction culture principles.

If an individual is inspired by others own ability for introspection, personal responsibility and change then they are certainly going to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and personal responsibility made ever so more achievable by the support of a fellowship all striving for the same goal. To be held accountable by a loving community to change and face oneself is an amazing thing and it is this key ingredient to in-patient treatment that will produce long lasting recoveries.

A treatment centre unable to harness a strong culture of recovery amongst it’s community becomes a dangerous environment. If individuals entering treatment that has an over-riding culture of addiction want to find recovery they need to first face their worst fear of rejection in order to step out into recovery - this fear will keep them trapped and recovery will become unachievable.

Here at Jahara we put in everything we have in ensuring that we maintain a strong level of recovery and the community drive acceptance of new comers based on their desire for change. Our staff live and breath in the community as examples of how to live recovery. We promote recovery through everything we do and ensure that residents are learning new ways of living in a healthy social environment.