Treatment at Jahara

Jahara Treatment Centre is a long term, in-patient, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre focused on bringing a person out of addiction and into a fulfilling life of recovery. Its aim is to bring restoration to the resident and their family by rebuilding and shifting the residents core beliefs and values.

While we incorporate the 12 step program into treatment, we know through experience, that treating addiction is so much more than just the 12 steps. As such we try to provide experiences that allow us to educate and equip addicts with daily life skills and application of recovery principles. We provide life-experiences that have often been missed through addiction, we address and assist the whole family system and we work through some of the more difficult aspects of an individuals history such as trauma, loss and abandonment. 

africa at its best

Jahara Treatment Centre incorporates many different aspects into its treatment program including many of the wonderful and beautiful things about Africa. From the roaring lions heard at night to the backdrop of the Drakensburg mountains recovery at Jahara becomes the start of a wonderfully exciting journey of recovery.  

You will not find a more beautiful setting for recovery. The setting, coupled with the program and the staff truly place Jahara at the top of the list of rehabilitation centres to choose. 

I have had Mark Lewis as my counsellor and mentor and would highly recommend him if you want to recover and get peace in your life.
— James - 8 years clean