12 Step Program

 A brand new modern twist and approach to the infamous 12 Step program ensuring that the principles are applied to our day-to-day existence and that some of the often missed steps are given due attention. All workbooks have been redesigned to keep the program fresh and relevant.

Specialized programs

Our own specially designed programs based on the latest research and developments in the field of addiction/ recovery that address the many aspects of addiction and the associated behaviours. Programs for self-esteem, boundaries, eating disorders, gambling etc have all been developed and all work together to form a comprehensive individualised program. Newly developed contemporary lectures which cover a range of topics with the supporting therapeutic group formats and activities support the more specialised aspects of the treatment approach.

Africa at its best

A therapeutic approach to treatment which integrates the African bush experience - the lions roaring at night, trips to the renowned Kruger National Park, not to mention our immediate surroundings of the Mariepskop mountain range, the Blyde River Canyon and he waterfalls at Swadini.

outdoor therapeutic activties

Hiking and field trips around one of the worlds largest canyons, the Blyde Canyon, up the Mariepskop mountain and through the lush rain Forrest regions on top of the mountains - therapeutic groups and sessions are held below magnificent waterfalls and on top of awesome mountains reminding us of the beauty of life.

Special Menu


A menu which is specifically designed to introduce a healthy balanced lifestyle in terms of diet and eating habits, using fresh produce and quality food, offering a vegan friendly option, inclusive of a new healthy approach to "tuck-shop" snacks and drinks. Meal times are viewed as a great time to fellowship and enjoy the ongoing developments of relationships.

excercise and fitness

A balanced approach to exercise moving away from weight training and gyms into the more healthier outdoor activities such as running, volleyball, indoor soccer, hiking and swimming. Weekly bootcamp training given by a qualified Proffessional trainer.

Staff and medical coverage


Maintaining a high staff to resident ratio Jahara boasts a therapeutic team comprising of 4 qualified counsellors, 2 social workers and 2 additional training counsellors. The medical department is run by two nurses and we are all supported by a kitchen manager and maintenance team.





Community involvement is high on our priority list in terms of therapeutic treatment approaches, helping individuals develop new identities, deal with social pressures and anxieties and rebuild their "citizenship" within society. Jahara residents are incorporated into the many community projects and events around Kampersrus and Hoedspruit.

A place of restoration



Jahara is a place of restoration in every aspect of the word. The restoration of our lives, our family relationships, our place in society, our roles as husbands/ wives, children, parents, employees and community members and most importantly the restoration of our own peace and joy. Jahara will help you redefine yourself and help you find life-meaning and purpose again.



The best part of Jahara Treatment Centre is our highly competitive rates. This is truly a program that works, a program that is unlike any other, a program for the first timers and a program for individuals who have attempted treatment unsuccessfully numerous times. If you want recovery this is where you will find it.